Pirate busking in Bath, June 2021

Some blurry, fuzzy phone footage of some of the amazing dancing we were treated to by the fine folks in Bath. Huzzah!

Busking on Clevedon Pier

We took a trip to Clevedon to take some photos, and sing a few old favourites, sea shanties, and some brand new songs we've written over lockdown. We even managed to blag our way onto the Pier of the Year 2021 for a little busk at the end of Clevedon's beautiful historic pier. 

The Vicarman

To celebrate the retirement of our very good friend Nick the Vic, honorary Ship's Chaplain, bass-playing blues-rocker, party animal, man of the cloth, and all round good egg, we've finally lurched onto the bandwagon with an affectionate reworking of The Wellerman.

Blustery Busking by Bristol's Matthew

Busking in front of the glorious Matthew on Bristol's Harbourside, with a few forgotten gems, some folk classics and a few top tunes given an affectionate Piratitude makeover - Whiskey is the Life of Man, Blow the Wind Southerly, High Barbary, and... ahem... Rum Together.

Piratitude on the Driveway

Piratitude at a socially distanced street party in Bristol, getting 30 well-spaced neighbours dancing and smiling. Huzzah!

Soggy Saturday

A little busking in the park for Captain Barnacle's birthday, including this affectionate tribute. He IS a practically perfect pirate in every way after all! ;)


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